Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Practica : Milonga rhythm

When you start to become friends with the milonga music you may find a musical structure coming up again and again!  Listen if you recognize the one here in the beginning:

 It is called habanera and as you notice the spaces between the strikes are different. You can follow the pattern with your fingers in this way!

 Milonga Sentimental has a lot of habaneras which you can follow  by your hand!


This stable structure makes it easier for us to place ur steps - the possibilities are there even if it sometimes can be difficult to hear them directly. Below you find two measures and the habanera rhythm is on the  blue line. Basic steps are placed on the red ones

The most common double step is created by stepping on H3 H4 H1. 

It is accepted to use   B1 c B2  or B1 k B2 for double steps.

Some more information and questions you will find on my other blog: Check the posting 
What is Chicho doing?
His milonga is a mystery for me - I do not know what he is doing differently compared to others. Therefore I am coming back to his dancing all the time.

If you are serious about tango music you should check Joaquin Amenabars book 

Let's dance to the music!

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