Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Basic training for March - April 2017

After all the years I have been training I got the best idea: do something for your upper body!  (hmm!) With some help from my friends at Fitnessblender and two water bottles!

Pilates from Germany!

She is a little bit rough! At the end she says: ...  ein bisshen warm geworden!
Yes I was kind of sweaty and exhausted!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Basic training for January - February 2017

My favorites from FitnesBlender!

. . . . .  and the German pilates!  I have been totally mesmerized by them!


Basic training for November - December 2016

The two last months of the year were calling for some change and I started to follow the German pilates instructions and they are GOOOOD for me!  Sometimes I have had backpain after my earlier pilates training but not now.

There is a difference between the levels and after some testing it was clear what level was possibly for me.
Yes they do speak German but if you know the pilates principles it is easy to follow! Make a TRY!

Basic training for September - October 2016

In September and October it was like this during my pilates moments!

Here you have some guidning for your cardio training!