Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Let your fingers tap up your musical skill!

This summer I have been working on tango and my efforts were divided into movements and music. I do not have the science to back up my opinion here but I am sure that if I tap through the song my hearing process is going develop. Subjectively I notice how much easier it becomes to recognize how the music goes. I recognize the changes faster and they grow more clear day by day.

During these training weeks I have used some of the examples juanayjulio channel has published. They have done a tremendous job by choosing the songs, fixing the rhythmical visualizations and giving us suggestions for the steps! It has been a good help for me this summer. Basically I sit on the sofa with my laptop and start my playlist. When the clip plays I tap with my fingers the rhythm suggested. Not anything advanced here but just one finger from each hand is participating! I had to test a few times to find the most comfortable finger combination but now it is working fine and it is a relaxed moment in the morning.

This is part of my pajamas training in the morning with coffee on the side table. The morning coffee is very regular for me and the same has this training become!

I list some of the songs below so you get an idea of the possibilities. There are some other songs where I do hear the rhythms differently, the patterns do not continue in the same way through the whole phrase or something. For me these *disagreements* were wellcome showing that my own hearing starts to stand out and now I let my fingers play as the music feels for me.

Later on I will also try to learn the steps juanayjulio suggest on the videos!

Los Ritmos del Tango - 20 -
CombinaciĆ³n a Medio, Simple y Doble Tiempo [1---][1---][1-3-][123-]

Los Ritmos del Tango - 17 -
CombinaciĆ³n Tiempo Simple y Doble Tiempo - [1-][123-] [341-]

Los Ritmos del Tango - 15 - Off Beat [-2-4]