Monday, May 24, 2021

Basic training May - June 2021

 One of the workshops on the playlist for 5 days a week! Sundays and Thursdays are freeee.

The workout below is a Swish Army Knife for me! It is originally about 20 mins and includes 20sec rests between moves.When I am in a hurry I play it at +2speed moving all the time without pauses. In this way I end up to a 10mins workout with the same amount of movements. Even other modifications have been helpful!

20 Minute Knee-Friendly CARDIO Workout without Squats

For the afternoons I pick one of these below to be done with friends! Ballet on Monday and Wednesday with my ballet friends at home but mentally together. We have a call about how the day is and then we start together but at our own computer. The Stability Ball on Tuesdays with a friend goes also simultaneously. It feels as being in a class together in this way: Small talk before, then full focus on the subject and a text afterward how it felt!


Improve Your Balance in 5 Minutes

Ballet lesson has changed too and the teacher is a UK lady with real teacher skills!

Adult Beginner Ballet Barre - Adult Ballet Class For Beginners | Tips On Ballet Technique

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