Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Practica: Abrazo testing lab

Pay careful attention to these variations of abrazos presented below and try to find the one most suitable for yourself!

Try remember, to feel the most comfortable position for your arms and how high/low you can move them and still feel ok.

Another abrazo option is the position of your elbows - how far from the body and how much in front of the shoulder line they can be.

Let an intensive experimenting start!

Here some guide lines for you:

1. Are the bodies totally facing each others?
There is also a possibility that the bodies have an offset of a few cm

2. Are the bodies parallel?

3. Or maybe the bodies are in V-form?
An Embrace where at the man’s right side and the woman’s left side (closed side have a body contact but at the open side there is a slight opening.


Two more videos about how the abrazo is kept stable and when it is continuously changing.

If you are more a verbal person the link below is a endless basket of treasures for you! For the others please check the vocabulary in the end of the posting and some of the summaries!

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