Thursday, November 26, 2015

Practica: The heights and lows of an abrazo!

Abrazo: Normal level

When you embrace your partner in the beginning of a tanda you are searching the connection to that person but you are also technically negotiating about the normal height for the abrazo. We try to find a comfortable level where to place the abrazo when walking normally and not doing any splendid tricks.

Abrazo: Higher level

If you are rising the abrazo above the normal level you will not be able to reach so far with your feet and as a leader you can in this way easily lead a series of shorter steps.

Abrazo: Lower level

When you choose to go in the other direction, lowering the body by flexing your knees, the follower's free leg starts to point out in a direction leader has suggested. Here the follower has a possibility to do something different. Ana and Diego will give you the details!

The leader has the same possibilities but here he is turning around in a slightly different position. Just as an example!
About 1.02min

What is the difference between a callecita and planeo according to Ana and Diego?

Music for the practica - Please listen to these two several times and notice the differences!

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