Saturday, October 31, 2015

Practica: Milonga repetition

You remember the figure where we stepped backward and forward? You can exercise by stepping together with Jordi who is showing us the possibilities for regular steps as well as double time steps. If you do this one minute video every now and then before our next meeting you will be able to adapt this to the music and you are more ready for some variations!
Here you have Jordi!

Oscar and Georgina are doing the figure I called an Americana forward and backward!

Please pay attention that the supporting legs, those not participating in the Americana build, are not mowing so much, just a little to make the couple advance some in the line of dance!

YES you are right: they are moving here on a clock wise line but remember that we did it in counter clock wise way! Leaders were facing the wall!

Here is the entire video for you! The figure is turning up at 0.47 starting quite calmly and then 1.20 in many hilarious variations! Try to follow the speed they put up, look at the screen and make your solo training with them!

If the speed is too much for today use the possibility to play the video in slower manner. You maybe don't have the button yet but here a link to fix it!

Remember we need a lot of solo exercise! 

Start today 
and you are ready for a partner when we meet next time!

Oscar y Georgina

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