Friday, September 25, 2015

Basic training for October - November 2015

I have struggled with finding suitable workouts for the period August - September!

I have for a long time been working with the videos on Fitnessblender channel and I just LOVE them! But I think that it is good for your body to change the training method every now and then: That is the reason to change the videos every two months as well as within a week. I think also that a change of a channel can have a positive effect, putting my body to work differently when  there is a change of instructor.

I have found a few candidates which I tested but did not want to stay with them for a longer time. I post the channel links below in case you find suitable workouts among the videos
Body prject:
My knees did not agree with the rich variety of side movements!
I had problem with the girlish shouts and talk here!

Then I landed at Jessica Smith TV and here I will stay for a while! She had prepared a lot of different workouts with uncomplicated sweat driving movements and basic supporting talk. I get a strong feel of a professional workout leader!
I will pick a cardio video for period and my testing has shown that it makes me work - I am totally soaked after these 20 mins.

I will start and end the week with a pilates workout with Sophie, a young instructor from Australia (?). It is a harder 30 minutes I am used to but its ok! Three other days will be with Jessica's 20 minutes video. Let's work before the fireplace!

Tuesadays, Wednesdays and Fridays are dedicated for this lady!

Sophie for Mondays and Saturdays!  (I can do the training lying on the floooooor!  :)  )

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