Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Basic training for June - July 2015

Yes!  It is a long time ago I updated my BASIC training section here. During May I was hiking around in South Korea for four weeks. One tango festival, several milongas in other cities, a lot of temples and other interesting buildings as well as beautiful food and sceneries!  It was a pre-trip decision that the daily walks and dancing will be enough for my body. (You can check my other blogs for photos and videos)

Back home in the end of May I started to get on the track again. It was a lazy start with a private pilates program and a cardio workout from Fitnessblender  - my favorites.

This is my toughest cardio attempt and I must say that I am not there yet - I think I have jumped it through properly only once.. . .

If I feel ever so slight pain in my joints I stop jumping and run the rest of the program by stepping the various  jumping-jack options!  The push ups give me a sweat cover anyhow!

So it have been a pilates/cardio workout five days a week: Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat as usual.

I have some weeks to go before the change in the end of July! 

Test the workout you too! 

It is the second most popular on their site!

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