Sunday, March 2, 2014

Basic Training for March - April

I strongly recommend you to have some kind of training routine for basic cardio and strength. It helps you to use your muscles more precise and that is really needed for this dance!
I remember some followers talking about how the dance experience was changed when the leader started to visit the gym regularly. I have though stopped those visits and do all my training at home - the saved money is used for traveling.
An easy guess?   :)

If you want to do something at home check this channel: FitnessBlender  to find your favorit!

I have surfed a lot and for this period I will use these two workouts:

I have been on Pilates classes for 5-6 years so by now I know the most important instructions by heart and can understand the new ones clearly enough. This video from YouTube will be on my schedule on Monday-Wednesday.

I have one day rest and on Friday I will go on with Callanetics. I have been working on it quite a long time in the past but it has been difficult to find anything on the web. This is with a Russian instructor who is following the Callanetics principles quite well. I think the original has some more stretches included, but this is totally ok. The workouts in Chinese are more like fitness training with too strong/large repetitions. This will be my companion for two days!   (starts about 6.25)

I you prefere something else check the  FitnessBlender channel to find your favorit!

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