Wednesday, March 12, 2014


When I was wondering what to focus on during coming weeks the answer was BALANCE.
I have had bad balance down to very bad balance for all my dancing years. One teacher told me that if I could stop using my feet as Charlie Chaplin my dance would be actually beautiful. BUT i could not; I needed that extra support.

This article about the three different systems administering the balance process is short and gives you a picture  how fantastic orchestra is needed to keep you standing!

Your muscles needs to be trained too, they are anyhow doing the rough job. If  there is 12 mins available we could invest those minutes on our muscles to create balance! (I skip the training with ball, I do not have any.) I wonder if my Proprioceptive system will be developed now, maybe I get some new cells or the old ones will be trimmed to top level!

Happy training for March!    


Comments on the training Week 1.

I managed to run this through three times during the week and I am happy about that; seven days would have ruined my body. During last night's milonga something happened with my knee, I can not tell what but there was something and I think the strain to catch up the whole body, when my ankles were not doing their job properly, was too much for all the small stuff in the knee.

My left and right leg were in totally different shape. Standing on my left leg I managed to do only 2/3 repetitions before I needed to make a fresh start. On the right side my repetitions were doubled or more before I did a touch down.

My core was ok and it is logical after all that pilates training and I will not continue with that part of the video. My weakest points are the ankles and there the left one needs extra help to get in shape. It is not about a bad ankle but about my bad training habits!

The most surprising during the week was how fast my muscles started to cooperate. The  ankles are still trembling, but they keep up for a rising number of repetitions.

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