Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Basic training for May - June 2016

These will be my basic training sessions for the period!

Monday and Saturday it will be pilates as usual. This is quite heavy on the stomach and I hope some effects then!

For Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday one workout from Fittnesblender. In quite short time she/they got over 6 milj views so we have a lot company here if you too join the crowd!

I have been exercising with these ladies for 10 days now and I am fully happy with our mornings!

The Fittnesblender cardio was so great! It is not only my opinion but during the weeks the  view count went up over one milion to 7.3milion. If you try this one you will agree that this workout is worth the time!

On other side I had serious problems with the pilates choice. The moves were ok but her voice started bugg med more and more so I was happy when my traveling gave me an accuse to skip her for the last few times. She had a kind of add on; it sounded like an old door needing some oil when it moves. I have heard that this kind of pronanciation is a modern phenomenon, especially among the wimen. Anyhow if you can cope with it you get an ok workout with these ladies.

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