Saturday, July 16, 2016

Basic training for July - August 2016

Time for a change again so here you have the new links for July and August!

I have actually chosen two shorter training sessions to match the outdoor season we are in now. Anyhow I hope to get out more . . .

It seems that my muscles are working well, an idea based on feedback last weekend! The follower was a masseur and after wrapping her left arm around my back she started to laugh and said that my fillets were great, unusual large ones! So even for that reason I can step down a bit.

The cardio part for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday is an old one. One of the comments below the video stated that s/he had been watching Denise's workouts as a kid!

It is different compared to the workouts of today but it is not so easy as you think. I just say.

The pilates part for Monday and Saturday is a totally new one for me. I liked her voice and the neutral tone on her presentation of the movements. In 15 mins you get a lot of fundamental moves to keep your core fit!

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