Monday, February 8, 2016

Boost your training by Biagi!

Biagi and 30/20/10-training

From now on I will add to my weekly routine a short interval training session on indoor bike! You maybe have heard about the 30-20-10 training where the first half a minute is run in a moderate speed, the next 20 seconds you add some more heat and the last 10 seconds will be performed at your top speed. (I will take it piano to start with but if it will proceed ok even I will put a top speed on the 10 seconds!

It seems to be crucial to hit the top speed ever so short period and even the experienced athletes have pushed their records forward and got better healthy markers! So why not try it?

I have made one music video 2x5 min with 2 mins rest in between. So you can take a training period of 5 mins or 12 mins! Beep 30s/beep 20s/beep 10s/beep .../beep,beep,beep    2min    beep,beep,beep/beep 30s ...

Hang on the Biagi tones! . . . but on your own responsibility and on a doctors advice!

Want to know more about this before you start?
Here you have the Bangsbo youtube video and if you prefer to read the study the link is found below.

Bangsbo study to read about rod Runing

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