Sunday, May 25, 2014

Basic training for May - June

There has been a 3 week vacation with no other motion but walking and dancing. Two weeks abroad with sighthseeing and dancing. The lazy start after coming home took me to last monday!

There will be my loved pilates and a cardio section for the basic training. No changes there!

For pilates I have searched and found a 30 mins workshop in spanish! I notised earlier that I learned to recognize a lot of words from my Russian Callanetics video and now I am hoping same kind of effect while working my body in Spanish!

For some reason I could not link the Pilates videos here but please check the picture below and if interesting click the video playlist below. Part 1 and Part 2 about 30 mins together!

M├ętodo Pilates - Entrenamiento en Colchoneta

If the playlist above is not working try these separate links!

The cardio part is still in Enlish!  :)

 The Pilates part will be run Monday-Wednesday and the cardio Friday-Saturday as usual!

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