Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I started this balance trip just to control that everything was ok. Now I am aware of several areas I need to improve and the priorities will be reorganized. I will continue to do the excercises for muscles, but I will NOT increase the number of repetitions instead I will go down to ten. It will take only a few minutes when I run them after my basic training session. The muscles may grow slowly.

Last week I have send a message to a facebook friend, Mari K. Johnson,  who is certified trainer with feet as her speciality and got some web addresses in return. On her website I learned about other ways to train my feet and among them the need of development of the sensory feedback. If my brain gets just rough information about surface I am standing on the adaptation will allso be roughly correct. In complicated figures my brain needs detailed  information about the position of different parts of my body. When there is lot of sensory feedback from my feet, joints and so on, then my brain can send most accurate orders to muscles.

To develop my Proprioceptive system, the feedback system, will be a long term goal with a tiny start of walking barefoot at home.

This will be done every training day (1, 2, 3 and 5, 6) but only with 10 reps.

It has turned out that this video will not work as a training video for me at this level of balance development. Instead I use it as instrument to monitor how my balance coordination is developing. How many repetitions I manage to run without wobbling or putting my feet down after this weeks training?

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