Saturday, April 5, 2014


It goes irritating slowly but I don't want to do too much and risk my training during the coming weeks. So I will go on with the earlier balance training only once this week and add a video for the ankles for the days in between. I will have only a moderate ambitions level! :)

This will be my companion for days 1/2/3 and 5 

This will be my companion for day 6

2014.04.06   Weekly summary:
This week I was following the regime quite well and adding the number of repetitions to the ankle prosess up to 30 repetitions for the ankle training.

I did the first part of green man's program and noticed to my great pleasure that on the left I needed only one break and when I was standing on the right the touch down came just before the last reperition of these feet circles. Great progress!

I got a feeling that some of the improvement was not because my muscles were growing ,but because my body understood better what to do!

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