Sunday, October 28, 2012

Turning and ocho training

During these training days I try to explore different aspects building up a smooth and powerful turn. During the first days I will focus on the muscles around the waist and explore how the turning tension is build up and then released for a relaxed turn with control.

Next section will focus on how hips are moving during the giro circle and how much pivot is needed. During the last days you need to grab a friend to exercise with, to get the shared turning going on!

The two first sections are presented by a leader but the exploring of the turning fits the follower role too.

Day 1

Turning and the waist muscles
In this video Jordi is standing on his right foot and turning to the right. He is standing, looking forward and then turning his uper body to the right, without catching extra power by turning to the left first.  When his uper body reaches the maximum turn or the right direction the hips are following to the same position. Watch the video and test some turns!

The most important thing here is to feel what is happening in your waist area; which parts are active when you turn and how far you can easily turn? What is the signal to release the hips to follow the shoulders to a new position?

The same idea of feeling your body fits the next video too where the pivot comes first. So the hips reach the new position first and when muscles in your waist are released the shoulders come after to the new position.

Please do this several times and make me some company!

Day 2 and 3

Here you have a playlist with the same videos, you get several opportunities to feel the movements and build expertise on your own body. We start with the upperbody turn and the later part of the playlist will start with the pivot. 

When doing the first time focus on how you feel in your body, how the muscles are working!

Then continue to do the exercise but think something else - dinner, a film or something to keep your mind occupied!  But let your body stay to the rhythm: turn - maximum twist - release....... and then again!

Day 4 and 5

Turning and the hip direction and feet's too
It is important to make complete turns so the steps are easily recognized as forwardstep, sidestep and backstep. Watch carefully how his hips are facing the chair at asidesteps and turned away, 90 degrees, when he is doing front- or backsteps. To get the rhythm of these steps pay attention to the sidesteps, which always occure in front of the chair and behind. Forwardstep and backstep have their own sides of the chair - always the same if you can keep the pattern!

The first one to test has it's turningpoint on sidestep

Try even the one with frontcross turn!

To keep our old friends alive take this training too today!

Day 6 and 7

Working with a partner!
Then new part is to combine our single training with a partner, whoever who has the same training interest will be a perfect partner! Guillermo and Fernanda show how to start and then go on around.

As a bonus you got som musical step training too in the end of this video!

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