Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hearing and moving

Hey there!
It is now time to activate the next section of musicality training for us. It will be the opportunity to work on the basic rhythmical pattern in tango music and we will check the effects on this rhythm on our feet!

I will here refer as leader step, the one where you step on straight leg and the heel hits the floor first. For follower the step is taken so that the most part of the ball of the foot is down first and usually you step on straight leg too.

The first week we will work with three songs to sharpen your hearing AND let our body react on what we hear. I have noticed that when I express the musical accents which I am aware of, they became clearer and a new level is revealed to be studied. So please wave your HANDS and let your MOUTH and JAW express the music. Later on when we start to walk you will notice that your feet will follow the movements of your jaw – so you listen to the music, let the jaw move along the music and the feet will follow the guidance of your mouth. Yes! This will show our funniest face but to encourage you I will show mine first!

 I am doing like this once a day this weeeeeek!     ....... and YOU?

First four days
Here you have the link to the playlist with all three songs. Sit down comfortably on your couch and start to listen and mark what you hear!

Here you have the names of the songs and separate links:

Fifth and sixth
Continue still to follow the songs with your hands and mark the rhythm you hear and keep your mouth in action too!

If you have done the earlier exercices your movements should be so stable by now, so you can use them as an instrument for the next activity. When watching the wideo with Chicho and Juana dancing the El Flete keep your hand near the screen showing what YOU hear and watch what Chichos / Juanas feet are doing!  (Follow just one of them at time)
Are they stepping on all your hand movements?
Are they doing more?
Are they doing less?

Chicho and Juana dancing El Flete

Remember don't check the dance  ;)  check the MUSIC in their feet!

We continue!
Keep up the good work listening and marking the three songs in the playlist! And remember to keep your mouth active!


Here you get a version of Bahia Blanca with Chicho and Juana! 

Please watch several times from the beginning to about 1.10 and pay attention how they here and there are keeping back their steps, taking them slower.

When you are looking at their steps can you hear in music why they are stepping now, putting down the foot right there? We watch the feet, listen and maybe we get an idea why steps are taken....

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