Sunday, January 18, 2015

Basic training for January - February 2015

This time it has been a sturdy piece of work to find the videos for the period. Oou yes! there is more than ever of these workouts on youtube but I have grown picky during the 1.5 year of home training. I know more about what I want and what I like to follow in two months. I have also - anyhow I think so - learned to tell apart the good trainers from the really bad ones. That makes the 5 milj videos shrink to a handful interesting ones! Here you have them!

The week starts on Monday with pilates - a short one. I found later that they have a 30-minutes variation too, but I stick with this now.

On Tuesday the heet must on, but if you have read the earlier ones so I can not jump and the workshops are really calm to meet that special need of mine.

In this version we can alternate - he is showing a though one and she keeps the line for me! It is also longer than earlier and we will se if it has an effect on me. As you notice this is the Day 1 of a serie for 5 days. I will pick up a new day every Wednesday!

These three will hit my week as shown here - an easy start and end are scheduled!

Even if I am loading the videos this late in the month I have been doing the thing and tested some videos in the background. These three I will keep for the coming weeks! Stick to me and we will manage our turns better and we can run wildly the whole milonga tanda with our cardio capacity!!

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