Friday, September 5, 2014

Basic training for September - October

My training has been going on 12 months so this program starts a NEW YEAR

I started last September but first in February I updated this blog with the links to the training videos. I think the best result has been that my strength is now enough to keep me dancing for several hours. The most valuable result is still the spontaneous comment from my sisters grown up daughter - She could see the muscles around my shoulders!

Actually that is a small problem for me! I do not want big muscles, just lean ones with strength for dancing long hours. I am monitoring this and asking people advice. I need these morning workouts to push up my low blood pressure and start the day

I will use this Pilates series. It is totally about one hour with two separate half-hour workshops. I will keep my 30 minutes limit and do the first part on Monday and the second later on the week.

The easy cardio will land on Tuesday and Friday.

Follow up for September - 2014.10.03
I think these cardio sessions are the best thing happening for my dance now. The balance training in March-April did wake up the tiny muscles in the ankles and they are growing slowly as recommended for me. Pilates is good for the core but leaves the ankles and the rest of the legs with insufficient training.

Earlier I had a strong wobbling solo caminata but today I can walk alone in much more controlled way. For me this is a great progress and it will make the life easier for my followers too. I can also do 360 degree stable turn on one leg and it is ok for left and right leg.

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