Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 August 20 - 31 Training: Follow the music by drawing, checking the changes

Work along with me and refresh facts about tango structure!

Tango structure; phrases and parts. To begin with I will try to find the differences for the petals of this tango flower, listen!

To draw what you hear is not an artistic thing but it helps to concentrate. At home I can use pen and paper but on bus it will be with my finger on my bag, or something!

After that it will be nice to work on some songs from Carlitos and Noelias performances, but on a traditional way; on timing! I will write down the time (1:24 and so on) when the music changes. The most important thing here is that we learn to pay attention when the music changes.


Listen to when the music changes - every training day

Draw this song - every training day

Write down the time when music changes - every training day

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